Set of coursing pulleys

Model 2019 - type with increased safety
Packaging of pulleys
Branded case for heavy duty, manufacturer Manutan, dimensions h x w x d: 206 x 428 x 524 mm. It has a complete black foam lining, 4 locks, one fuse, high load capacity, waterproof. I don't deliver pulleys without a suitcase, I am a proponent of professionalism.
Pulley’s description
The pulleys are indestructible. We managed to cross the pulley with a chopper and the pulley, except for a groove on the bottom, remained intact, only bent the steel 12mm tip. The tractor was of course KO.
Only bearings have a limited service life, depending on the frequency and operating conditions. They are water resistant, but not waterproof.
Whole pulleys are made of 3 pieces of hard duralumin for machining, the lower and upper static parts are coated with black matte, anodized.
The upper part is fitted with a rubber ring that is able to absorb eventual impact. Others, nuts, bolt, spacer tube, washers are stainless steel or galvanically modified FE.
This type of pulley was tested for 3 years at the race course in Lednice, it was at the most utilized place, right behind the winch in the rectangular bend. Based on this, last year the track ordered the whole set.
Compared to previous models, this model is 100% better in all parameters and there is virtually nothing to improve. I have been developing the whole system for 5 years and the previous models are in Slovakia and Austria and serve without problems.
Fixing spikes
The tips are steel, galvanically modified, optional lengths. (30cm, 35cm-optimum, 40cm-winter) placement of tips is recommended to drill AKU with a drill.
The tips and accessories are in 3 plastic containers that are part of the case.
Other free accessories
1x vidium drill 8mm, length 400mm; 2x combination wrench 19mm; 1x hexagonal 10mm; 1x bolt M12 hex; 1x bearing; 1x spacers stainless steel tube; 4x washers; 1x nut M12; 1x nut M12; 1x rubber ring; 1x screw cover; 1x micro-cloth
Pulleys, price calculation
 1,300 CZK / 1 pc pulley
 100 CZK / 1 piece galvanized tip, length of choice
 90 Kč / 1pc case for spikes and accessories
 2,000 CZK / 1 piece suitcase
 15,600 CZK / 12 pcs of pulleys
 1,200 CZK / 12 pcs of tips of your choice
 270 CZK / 3 pcs spikes and accessories
 2,000 CZK / 1 piece suitcase
Total 19,070 CZK

Method of payment  
Depending on the daily rate of the outgoing payment, you will pay to the bank with a CZK conversion in order to receive the amount in CZK. This is due to the movement of currency rates. I have to pay stable amounts for the production in CZK and I cannot watch the courses. Every bank can do this without any problem.
Delivery Transport  
The weight of the whole set in one case is 23 kg complete with spikes and accessories; it is possible to send abroad by the transport company. The price depends on the place of delivery. The delivery method is always agreed and any costs are borne by the customer. Alternative delivery methods can also be used, such as personal delivery over 3 persons, etc.

Handling instructions and delivery note are included with the order.